Our Team

Who is Aquaponos?


We are a student driven startup, founded by three cofounders and backed by a dedicated team of four engineers. Our passions for sustainability, food, and the environment unite us in the conquest to provide sustainable aquaponics systems for all.


Veronica Head – CoFounder, Team Lead

img_-2ffqewVeronica is a junior in Civil (Environmental) Engineering. As the original co-founder of Aquaponos, Veronica serves as the ‘glue’ of the team and is drive by her passions for the environment and food justice. She wishes to use her skills as a future engineer to build a better environment. Outside of Aquaponos, Veronica enjoys the outdoors through hiking and camping. She is also an avid paddler and skier.

Chandler Petrovich – CoFounder, Design Expert

img_1277Chandler Petrovich is a Junior in Mechanical
Engineering at Arizona State University. His main role in Aquaponos is to ensure the team has an accurate model of the system in 3D space as well as ensure that the mechanics of the system is sound while building. Chandler joined Aquaponos in order to not only help solve a very prevalent problem in agriculture but to branch out into entrepreneurship. Outside of Aquaponos, Chandler hopes to eventually work towards developing weaponry for the United States military.

Nick Kandas – CoFounder, Plant Expert

img_1280Nick Kandas is a junior in mechanical engineering at Arizona State University. His role in Aquaponos is the plant manager. His responsibilities include researching new plants, and ensuring that the system is in a state conducive to growth. After his time at ASU, he intends to pursue a degree in patent law. He joined Aquaponos in Spring of 2015 and took one semester away while studying abroad in Australia. He is getting married on June 23, 2018 and is excited for the future.

The Team

Lisa Dietrich – Fish and Water Expert

img_1273Lisa Dietrich is a junior in Civil (Environmental) Engineering with a passion for water and her role in the project is water quality. This includes checking various water quality levels as well as researching how to maintain a healthy biology within the system. Her interests include sustainability, hiking, and playing the trumpet.

Jordan Patterson – Fish Expert

epics-design-reviews-ht-4479aJordan Patterson is a junior in Mechanical Engineering in Barrett, the Honors College at ASU. She is the fish expert on the team, and is very passionate about fish, tilapia in particular. Jordan’s passions for all things animals doesn’t stop at fish – she is also involved in the PAWSthetics and SweetSense EPICS teams. She is also raising a service dog through Power Paws Assistance Dogs and Sparky’s Service Dogs. After graduating she hopes to work on medical devices.

Preston Pierce – Construction Expert

img_1286Preston Pierce is an aspiring mechanical engineer at Arizona State University. Preston is the construction expert on this project and plans on pursuing a career in the pump industry after graduation.  He is also an avid runner and takes pride in his health and fitness.

Stephen Gerrish – Electrical Engineer

img_1290Stephen Gerrish is in his Junior year of Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University. He has been a part of Aquaponos since the fall of 2014. Currently he works on the physical building of the system and has a role in researching better methods for construction of the system as well. Outside this team he does contracting work for Medtronic. In his spare time he like to hike, bike, go running, and play video games.